Open Source Java Zip64 Library TrueZIP

TrueZIP is a Java based Virtual File System (VFS) which enables client applications to access ZIP, TAR and derivative archive types transparently as if they were just directories in a file's path name.


  • Random access to archive files using drop-in replacements for the classes File, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream.
  • Browse archive files using the drop-in replacements for JFileChooser and FileSystemView.
  • Browse and edit the file system with a custom JTree, including archive file up to any nesting level.
  • Fully transparent access to RAES encrypted ZIP files using AES encryption with up to 256 bit key length.
  • Properly supports nested archive files, i.e. new FileInputStream("dir/") is perfectly OK.
  • Asynchronous I/O for ordinary copying of InputStreams to OutputStreams, delivering performance comparable to the java.nio package.
  • Adds a lot of reliable utility methods for handling File objects (cat(), catFrom(), catTo(), copyFrom(), copyTo(), archiveCopyFrom(), archiveCopyTo() etc.).
  • Supports IBM437 (and any other) character set encoding for ZIP compatible files with international entry names and comments.
  • Configurable suffixes and encodings for ZIP compatible files (.zip, .jar, .tzp, .tar, .tbz2, whatever).
  • Provides an enhanced low level ZIP API which is backwards compatible to Sun's package.
  • New in TrueZIP 6.7 Beta: The low level ZIP API now supports ZIP64 extensions. This enables client applications to read and write ZIP archive files of more than 4GB size. Handling ZIP64 extensions is fully transparent for client applications. By default, ZIP64 extensions are written to a ZIP file if and only if they are required so that maximum interoperability with third party tools is retained.
  • Most classes are thread safe with documented exceptions.
  • Runs on J2RE 1.4.2 or higher, reflectively uses new features in JRE 5.0 and JRE 6.0.
  • Optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint (in order of priority).
  • Ships with comprehensive unit tests for maximum reliability.


The TrueZIP 6.7 beta can be downloaded here

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