Solaris Single User Mode

Solaris: how to boot to single user mode ?

  1. with Sun keyboard
    1. IA32 system:
      • 1) At boot, prompt type
        • b –s : To boot system into single mode
        • b –a : To boot system step-by-step i.e. interactively.
    2. SPARC System:
      • 1) press "Stop + A" to get to Ok prompt.
      • 2) At Ok, prompt type:
        • boot –s : To boot system into single mode
        • boot –a : To boot system step-by-step i.e. interactively
  2. without Sun keyboard
    • There are are a few options to get into Single User Mode on a Sun Solaris system when you do not have a Sun Keyboard. Below are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this task.
    • Step 1: Open a terminal session to the Sun Solaris system using a PC comm port and Hyperterminal (9660,8,None,1).
    • Step 2: Login as root.
    • Step 3: Type 'reboot [option] — -s'. This will reboot the Solaris system and execute the 'boot -s' option. Alternatively, you could also type 'init 0'. This will bring you to an 'ok' prompt. At the 'ok' prompt, type 'boot -s'. Either command should bring you into single user mode. The second option does not initiate a system reboot.
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