Remote Access to Linux Computer from Windows PC using VNC Viewer

I. Requirements:

  1. The Windows Computer (local)
  2. The Linux Computer (remote) to access
    • VNC Server software package installed
      • To check if VNC Server is installed, run which vncserver in a terminal window, it should returns the path to vncserver excutable if it is installed.
      • To install vnc-server on Ubuntu Linux, you can run following command: sudo apt-get install vnc-server

II. Procedure to enable VNC Remote access to an Linux computer (from an Windows PC)

  1. Start vncserver session on the remote Linux computer
    • Run putty, type the hostname or ip address of the remote linux computer, then click Open button at bottom right.
      • putty-01.png
    • Click yes to accept the host key.
      • putty-02.PNG
    • Type your login/username and password.
      • putty-03.PNG
      • putty-04.PNG
    • Once login to the computer, run following command to start the vncserver session:
      • vncserver -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24
        • putty-05.PNG
        • Remember your assigned VNC display number, in this case, it is :7
        • Note: if it is the first time that you starts the vncserver session, you will be asked to set your vnc password. It is the password for you to login to the vncserver session. It is separated from your system login password. So you can set an password that is different from your system password.
    • Now the VNC session has been started. You can exit the Putty window.
  2. Access the vnc session using VNC Viewer
    • Start VNCViewer
      • type hostname or IP address of the remote Linux computer and the VNC display number in the address field, like this soma:7, where soma is the remote linux computer's hostname and 7 is the vnc display number.
        • vnc-viewer-01.PNG
      • click OK button and type your vnc password
        • vnc-viewer-02.PNG
  3. Destroy your VNC session:
    • When you do not need the VNC connection any more, you can destroy the session on the remote linux computer.
      • Login to remote linux computer using putty. See step 1.
      • Run following command to destroy the your VNC session(Note: you need to know your VNC display number, in this case, :7)
        • putty-06.PNG
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