Mac OS Administration

Tips and Tricks

  1. Startup Scripts on Mac OS X Leopard
  2. Mac OS X Tip - No Password, No Root, No CD? No Problem.
  3. Mac OS X Leopard: change uid or gid
  4. Mac OS X Server Manuals
  5. HOWTO: Backup your Mac OS X to nfs
  6. Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Install package in command line
  8. How to get system information in Mac OS X
  9. How to get rid of the ._ resource fork files generated by Mac OS on non-HFS fils systems


  1. Installing Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger without DVD
  2. Split Double Layer Leopard DVD

Email Clients

  1. MS Entourage FAQ
  2. Top 5 free Mac Mail clients

NFS Service

  1. Leopard
    1. Mac OS X as NFS Client
    2. Mac OS X Leopard NFS Exports How To
    3. Mac OS X as NFS client using automount: resvport option
    4. NFS exports on Leopard
    5. NFS Exports and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
    6. Enable -32bitclients option for NFS server on Mac OS X Server 10.5 Leopard
  2. Tiger
    1. Mac OS X Tiger NFS Exports How To
    2. Mac OS X Server 1.x: Managing NFS Exports
    3. NFS + readdir() issues in 10.4?
    4. Mac OS X Server 10.4: Third-party clients cannot see contents of NFS export
    5. Change NFS export options in Mac OS X Tiger
    6. Enable -32bitclients option for NFS server on Mac OS X tiger

File Sharing Tools

  1. MacFUSE and SSHFS
  2. File sharing via SSH protocol

Remote Desktop

  1. Run VNC Server on Mac OS X
  2. How to uninstall or disable Apple Remote Desktop 2 or 3
  3. Apple Remote Desktop: Configuring remotely via command line (kickstart)
  4. Remote Desktop: Tips for assigning a VNC password to multiple clients
  5. Apple Remote Desktop Administration from a PC with NAT


  1. Mac OS X LDAP client Setup


  1. Compile DCMTK on Mac OS X

Mac Web Sites

  1. OS X Daily

Mac OS X86 Hackintosh Installation Guide

  1. ATI 9550 driver installation
  2. Boot into single user mode
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