How to Make the USB Drive Bootable
  1. Download Windows 98SE boot disk image
  2. Download and install Winimage
    • Use Winimage open "boot98se.exe" image and extract all files to a folder say, boot98se.
  3. Download and install HP USB Format Tool
    • Plug in the USB you want to build
    • Start HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
      • Select the correct USB device
      • File System: FAT32
      • Tick Quick Format
      • Tick Create a DOS Startup Disk
      • Using DOS Systems files located at: Select the "boot98se" folder that contains the files extracted from Windows 98 boot disk image.
      • Click Start button
  4. Copy all the files in "boot98se" folder to the root directory of the newly formatted USB drive.
  5. Done.

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