How To Build Your Own Hot Swappable Raid Storage

1. Motherboard

  • buy an high quality server mother board, e.g. Intel Server Motherboard
  • if you are planning to use PCI-Express RAID controller card, the motherboard should have at least 1 PCI-Express slot.

2. CPU

  • buy the CPU(s) that are supported by your Motherboard

3. RAM

  • buy good quality RAM that is compatible with your motherboard

4. Hard Disks

  • Startup Disks
    • 2 x 250GB SATA hard drive
  • RAID Disks
    • 4 x 1TB SATA hard drives
      • it will provide 3TB capacity if the RAID is configured with RAID5

5. RAID Controller

6. RAID Drive Internal Enclosures(Hot Swappable)

7. Chassis

  • buy a server chassis which should fit the motherboard and have at least 4 x 5.25 bay spaces(3 for SuperSwap 4100, 1 for optical drive). e.g. Antec Server Chassis, it comes with high quality server power supply. You can then bypass the next section(do not have to buy power supply seperately).

8. Server Power Supply

  • buy a high quality power supply if the chassis does not have one. Again, Antec Power Supply is an good choice.
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