Compile RT2500 Wireless Module on Deiban Linux 4.0 etch

My MSI PC54G PCI wireless card requires rt2500 module/driver to be installed on my Debian 4.0 Linux PC. The following steps shows how the module is compiled and installed.

  1. install module-assistant:
    • aptitude install module-assistant
  2. prepare the module-assistant:
    • module-assistant prepare
  3. install rt2500-source:
    • aptitude install rt2500-source
  4. compile and pack the rt2500-source using module-assistant:
    • module-assistant auto-install rt2500-source
  5. install the package:
    • dpkg -i rt2500*.deb
  6. load the module:
    • modprobe rt2500
    • ifconfig -a
    • echo rt2500 » /etc/modules
  • see also here
  • Note: all above commands are only tested on Debian 4.0 etch.
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