Backup Cisco 6506 Switch Configuration Using TFTP
  1. Setup and start TFTP Server.
    • IP Address of the computer running TFTPD server:
  2. Log into the Switch Console using Putty.
    1. Here we use console link to connect to the Switch. [If the switch has ssh or telnet enable you can use telnet or ssh as well.]
      • 6506-console-connection-01.png
    2. Type the password.
      • 6506-console-connection-02.png
    3. Enter en and then password to enter enabled mode.
      • 6506-console-connection-03.png
    4. To copy the whole configuration file including both default and non-default configurations. Enter copy config tftp all
      • 6506-console-connection-04.png
    5. To copy only the non-default configuration file. Enter copy config tftp
      • 6506-console-connection-05.png
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